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Hosting Marketers policy is that we do not offer discounts on yearly payments; we prefer, since our founding date, to have our customers pay monthly, although we give the option to pay for a number of years. But our policy is that there is no discount with yearly payments, because our prices are already very low compared to other similar companies, and our main customers are experienced webmasters.

But Hosting Marketers in some cases is open to flexible terms, especially if the customer is an old client. We are happy to offer a customized package that benefits the customer. Please contact us if you would like to talk with our sales team.

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For RTMP services we also provide some discounts for older customers and even for yearly payments.

Our price guide for a customized package with the service remaining the same bitrate is to increase $30 for every 100 viewers, up to 600 viewers, and below the 720kbps bitrate.

For example, a customer has an RTMP 100 costing $50 a month. If he wants to upgrade to 200 viewers, then the price would change from $50 a month to $80 a month.

If the same customer is at RTMP 100 and wants to upgrade to 400 viewers, the price would be ($50 plus (30 X 3) = $140 a month.

This price of $30 for 100 viewers can be used for any package below 600 viewers. If more than 600 viewers, the price for 100 viewers above this price would be $50 per 100 extra viewers.

Above 1000 viewers, the price would increase to $100 per extra 100 viewers.

For the special package with a bitrate above 1700kbps, the price for every 100 viewers extra is $200 a month. So, for example, customers with the package RTMP 600 at 1700kbps pay $300 a month. If they want to upgrade to 700 viewers at the same bitrate, the new price would be $500 a month. This price seems higher than the previous one. This is because the higher bitrate will use much more bandwidth, which is much more expensive.

This is only a guide. If you would like to ask questions or ask for a specific custom package, please do not hesitate to email us at


Thank you.

Hosting Marketers Team

P.S.: This guide applies to Hosting Marketers and to RTMP Server Division.

January 2022. We can modify the offers and prices at any time.